Posted February 22, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

ESPN First Take Debate: Kobe Guarantees the Playoffs?! [Video]


“It’s not a question of if we make the playoffs. We will,” Kobe told Sports Illustrated. “And when we get there, I have no fear of anyone — Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Denver, whoever. I have zero nervousness about that.”

“We will make the playoffs,” he said. “And we will compete. And part of the reason I have that confidence is the Miami game. We had control of the game. That was no fluke. We were playing very, very well. We were reading the defense, making the extra pass.

“OK, they have two great players [LeBron James and Dwyane Wade] who scored eight straight buckets and took control of the game. But we were right there. We can do it.” – SI

ESPN First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and special guest ESPN columnist and First Take writer Jemele Hill discussed whether Kobe can make a valid case for ‘his guarantee’ that the Lakers will make the playoffs! Jemele brought it to the table! Check out the take above and Kobe original comments above!