Posted February 22, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Blade Runner Released on $113K Bail!

Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius

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In South Africa they call it $1 Million Rand, in US Dollars it equals $113K, that is the bail amount set in court today for Oscar Pistorius; the Olympic Blade Runner who is suspect for killing his wife, model Reeva Steenkemp, on Valentines Day! Some of the stipulations that go along with his bail order include: handing over of all firearms to the authorities, appearing at Brooklyn Police Station every Monday through Friday, may not enter any airport or talk to any witnesses, and cannot drink any alcohol. The court date is set for June 4; if convicted (of premeditated murder) it carries a sentence of 25 years to life. Basically, the court magistrate, Desmond Nair, allowed Pistorius to be released on bail due to the fact that neither side came up with a strong case, and Pistorius came up with a reasonable enuff story! Pistorius is claiming that he heard an intruder and went to the balcony to look out, he went to get his gun (in the room), and yelled to the intruder in the bathroom, and after no response he opened fire on the bathroom door in effect killing his wife. The prosecution’s case was botched when Police lead investigator Hilton Botha hit the stand and contradicted the prosecution’s case, tampered with the evidence, and just overall bombshelled the case. Even worse, Botha was removed from the case facing seven count murder charge of his own. For one, the witnesses who claimed to hear fighting were just too far away, there was a failure to check phone records, a possibility Botha contaminated evidence at the scene, a failure to investigate Pistorius’s past violent history, mischaracterization of a substance found at the home (Botha placed drug allegations on syringes for testoterone), and failure to seize evidence of off-shore accounts. All in all the prosecution didn’t conduct a proper thorough investigation, Botha divebombed the case, and Pistorius suspicion is handing on a thread in a case based solely on circumstantial evidence. The greatest strength the prosecution bears in the case is the unusual situation (wife in bathroom gunned down), the unusual coincidence that he missed his wife going to the bathroom in that time period, and the fact that Pistorius said he opened fire feeling vulnerable without his legs but fired on the door from the above five feet height. There is a lot of suspicion and quite an unusual set of circumstances leading to a Valentines Day massacre in South Africa instantly sending the Paralympic star from a hero to a sandwich. Some people still want to believe in him, but I believe his time is up.