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Happy 50 Chuck! [Video]

Charles Barkley birthday with cake

For people a few years older, they remember that Charles Barkley could play. Like got into the Hall of Fame could play — he was an NBA MVP, a gold medalist on the Dream Team, an 11 time All-Star who is only one of three players to finish his career with better than 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4.000 assists (the other two are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain). – ProBasketballTalk

To honor TNT HOF Chuck on his 50th birthday let’s look at some highlights from his career, some bad boy clips including the Shaq vs. Chuck brawl, his infamous golf swing lol, an exclusive 50th birthday interview with SI Kids reporter Logan Schayes, and some other hilarious clips! Also, TNT did throw a little surprise party in honor of Chuck’s 50th birthday during the recent NBA All-Star Weekend!

Charles Barkley 50th Birthday Party F-Bomb:


Barkley exclusive (Birthday) interview with SI Kids reporter Logan Schayes:


Barkley calls himself “dumba*$” on TNT Inside the NBA plus other funny stuff:


Comedian Frank Caliendo does Chuck impression on TNT “Inside in the NBA”:


Chuck can’t say “Stefanski”:


Barkley infamous golf swing:


Chuck blocks TNT co-host Kenny Smith:


Shaq vs. Chuck Brawl:


Barkley flagrant foul on Hakeem “The Dream” in 1994 Playoffs:


Tim Hardaway yells “In yo face Chuck” after And1:


Barkley offensive foul on Dennis Rodman and elbow that follows:


Barkley Sixers highlight reel:


Chuck Mix: