Posted February 19, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Stat Replies to Twitter Criticism After Dorner Tweet?!

stat dorner

“It’s the information age. Anytime on my Twitter handle I try to feed information out to the people. That’s what my Twitter is all about. It’s about  giving information out for everyone to read and that’s what I did,” Stoudemire said at the Knicks practice Tuesday. – nypost

Chris Dorner Reward: Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck Says $1 Million ‘Should Be Paid Out’Knicks to keep starters the same, No new trades before Thursday deadline 

Stat dialed in on Twitter the other day and tweeted a link to the manifesto that former LA Cop/Cop Killer Chris Dorner released before being captured in a home on the forest range of Big Bear, Ca. last week?! Dorner was confirmed to take his life with a single shot to the head amongst a blaze ignited by tear gas! Some of Stat’s followers were at odds with this tweet, and Stat replied today to tell everyone not to get too carried away! In the media age information travels in speed, and the interpretation along the way often changes! Check out Stat’s comment and original tweet with link above!