Posted February 17, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Raptors’ Terrence Ross Highlights Dunk Contest! [Video]


To cap off the NBA All-Saturday Night, Toronto Raptors’ Terrence Ross threw down the big dunks wearing the classic Vince Carter Raptor’s jersey to win the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest! Rapper/Singer (Toronto native) Drake and 2 Chainz were on the floor (video below) when Ross jumped over a ball boy, and put the ball between his legs for the prolific late round dunk! Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried AKA Manimal (Newark native) started the night off with a off the backboard (J.R. Rider style) between the legs dunk, 2012 winner Jazzs’ Jeremy Evans jumped over a billboard of himself, and winner Ross finished off the competition with a behind the back dunk, Vince Carter style 360 windmill dunks off the side of the backboard and over a ball boy! Ross actually put the East All-Stars over the edge (with points) for the entire All-Saturday night festivities (photos) by winning the dunk contest to end the night! The game changed a little bit from years past because even if you make a dunk, you can choose to keep going and better that dunk! Knicks’ James ‘Flight’ White didn’t fair too well, but did complete the two-handed flush from the free throw line! Check out the videos above and below, and the B/R rankings of every dunk of the night!

Manimal, Jeremy Evans, and winner Terrence Ross Dunk Contest Highlights:


Rapper Drake and 2 Chainz on the floor after Ross’s finals dunk:


Slam Dunk Contest scoring system:


Knicks James White Free Throw line two handed flush dunk: