Posted February 17, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Happy 50th Birthday MJ!


Lebron James said, “I’ve got so many memories of MJ, you name it. From the shoes to him flying through the air, to him switching hands against the Lakers, to him hitting those six threes against the Blazers, to him being on the TV screen with Bugs Bunny, to him jumping over the buildings in the commercials, to him hitting the golf balls with a baseball bat … there’s so many memories. To him having a cartoon, All-Stars, with Bo Jackson and Wayne Gretzky.

“M.J. was an inspiration to me growing up, and it’s amazing to see him turning 50. I’m happy for him.” – nypost

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Michael Jordan, the best post season, best player period ever in NBA history turned 50 today! In honor of the his greatness let’s take a look at 50 of his greatest moments, celebrities giving him a 50 shout-out, his post-season domination, and the recent one-on-one with Lebron thats been dominating the headlines! Check out Jordan by the numbers chart below, and watch his live interview on NBA TV on Monday night!

Jordan by the numbers chart