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Free Mobile App and Preview: 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend!

NBA All-Star game 2013

NBA All-Star Starters Top 10 plays [Videos]: East Lebron, Melo, KG, Wade, Rondo; West CP3, Kobe, KD, Howard, Griffin

The 62nd NBA All-Star game in Houston will kick off on Sunday night, but the festivities will begin tonight with the BBVA Rising Stars challenge and the popular Sprint Celebrity All-Star game! Saturday night will have Nick Cannon hosting the Sears Shooting Stars challenge, Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Foot Locker Three-point shoot-out, and the Sprite Slam-Dunk contest! Sunday will be action packed with pre-game live performances from B.O.B. Luda and Ke$haa halftime show with Alicia Keys, and of course the NBA All-Star Game itself! Check out top 10 plays for the All-Star starters (links) above, and the full All-Star Weekend TV Schedule! Also get the free mobile app for the NBA All-Star game 2013 below!

NBA All-Star game free app

If you have an Android or an I-Phone download the free app for the NBA All-Star Weekend 2013! Keep up to date with event information, live scores, video and photos. Vote for your favorite players to win contests during the weekend and play predictive games.