Posted February 15, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

ESPN First Take: Common Talks Lebron, MJ, and Biebs Breaking Ankles! [Video]

Common ESPN First take

“Justin Bieber was there, I remember Michael Rappaport was playing with me and he was like ‘do not stick Justin Bieber close because it’s going to be a highlight,” explained the MC.  ”Anything that he does is going to be a highlight. I’m a competitor. I saw Justin Bieber there, I went down a little bit and said ‘should I stick him close?’ By then he did like a little light crossover, it wasn’t that great. Come on, man.”

“He got MVP (Bieber), but this year I’m going for MVP, I’m not going to live in the past,” Common proclaimed. – hiphopwired

Hailing from Shi-town, Common got on ESPN First Take with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless live in Houston today during the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities! Common debated with the crew about Lebron getting on the dunk contest, Lebron and MJ comparisons, and dropped the ball on Bieber breaking his ankles in the 2011 Celebrity All-Star game; the year Biebs took home the MVP! Check out Common on First Take (video) above and Biebs breaking Common (video) below! Plus voice your opinions on the #GetLebronToDunk campaign to get King James to join the dunk contest!


Biebs breaks Common’s ankles at 2011 Sprint Celebrity All-Star game: