Posted February 14, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Rapper Jim Jones ARRESTED!


Rapper Jim Jones was arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct involving a police officer. The ‘Ballin’ rapper didn’t help the situation when he continue to pop off as the officer ran his name. Jimmy had two outstanding warrants for a motor vehicle violation and not removing snow from his sidewalk.

The Fair Lawn-Saddlebrook Patch reports:

Jones, whose legal name is Joseph, was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction for refusing to peaceably settle two outstanding warrants for his arrest, Lt. Derek Bastinck said.

Sgt. James Corcoran was in the process of responding to a complaint of a snowbound and illegally parked car outside Jones’ home at the corner of Grunauer Place and Ward Street, when Jones approached him to ask what he was doing, Bastinck said.

Bastinck said when Corcoran proceeded to run Jones’ name through a police database, he found two warrants out for Jones’ arrest — one from Paterson for a motor vehicle violation and one from Fair Lawn for failure to remove snow from his sidewalk.

When Corcoran asked Jones to go with him to police headquarters to settle both outstandings warrants, Jones denied their existence and became disorderly, according to police reports.

“If [people with outstanding warrants] agree, we’ll just have them come down and pay what they owe,” Bastinck said, “but if they don’t agree, they’re placed under arrest.”

As a result of his failure to cooperate, Jones was arrested and taken into police custody, Bastinck said.


What does Chrissy have to say about this?