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Breaking: Olympic Blade Runner Charged w/ Murdering His Wife?!

Pistorius with wife Reeva Steenkemp

“There have been allegations,” Beukes said. “We are not sure.”

“We found a 9mm pistol at the scene, a 26-year-old man was taken into custody,” the spokesman added.

“I spoke to him at his house and when we went upstairs to his bedroom so that our photographer could take photos of his running blades, that was when I saw the weapons,” said McEvoy, when contacted by Yahoo! Sports by telephone on Thursday.

“There was the pistol by the bed, the machine gun up against the wall, the baseball bat under the window, a cricket bat too. He was concerned by safety and security to a high level, there was no doubt about that.”

“We had been talking at his training base in Johannesburg and he drove me up [to his home] to continue the interview,” McEvoy continued. “You had to stop and speak to the guard on the way in and on the way out. “I think I mentioned that the security must mean that area was safe, but he said that wasn’t necessarily the case as the guards could be ‘in on it.'” Indeed, Pretoria news reports detailed the apprehension of a crime ring that operated from the Silver Lakes area in 2010, one that included police officers in what was known as a “blue light” crime. – Yahoo

oscar pistorius

Olympic Gold medal blade runner (below knee amputee sprinter), Oscar Pistorius, may have gone crazy or may have gone paranoid, but for now he is charged with murder after his wife, Reeva Steenkemp, was shot four times in the head and arms at their South African guarded home in the early hours this morning! Their home was fully loaded with automatics, pistols, and a variety of bats! According to the initial report, Pistorius mitstook his 30-year old television personality and model wife for an intruder, and shot her four times! The police spokesperson, Brigadier Denise Beukes, at the scene arose speculation with her initial comments (to the Associated Press) saying “”it would be very premature and very irresponsible of me to say what actually has happened.” The AP increased speculation stating there had “previously been incidents and allegations of a domestic nature at the home of Mr. Oscar Pistorius.” Conversely, according to British writer Jonathan McEvoy, Pistorius had grown increasingly paranoid with the soaring crime rate (quote above)! Steenkamp also posted a tweet (below) looking forward to Valentines day just hours before her death! Pistorius, 26, had garnered six Para-Olympic golds, got tons of money through endorsements, grew up advantaged with his father, Henke, being a mining magnate, and lived in the Silver Lake community on the eastern edge of South Africa’s capital, Pretoria! The incident happened around 3 a.m. and her body was removed around 8 a.m…. the investigation continues… What do you think a case of accidental paranoia or a case of homicide?