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NBA Stars Line Up for the All-Star Jam Session!

NBA Jam Session special Appearances

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Melo, Iman Shumpert, Steve Novak, Jersey Kyrie, Kobe, and former Knick legend John Starks are some set to highlight the NBA Jam Session during the NBA All-Star Weekend (Feb 14-17)! Starks (Thurs, Sat, Sun) and Novak (Sun) along with other emerging rookie stars and former legends will be signing autographs for the fans! Melo, Shump, Kyrie Irving, Kobe, Clyde the Glide, and others will make appearances! The Jam Session offers fans an exclusive backstage pass to courts where they can shoot, dribble, dunk (on adjustable hoops), and even get free autographs along the way for current players and NBA legends! They also set up skills challenge (with prizes) for the kids and adults alike! The Jam Session kicks off on Thursday, Feb. 14 from 4PM to 10PM and includes an appearance by Melo; check out the full four day schedule with links to see what players are going to make appearances and sign autographs on what days! Big names from the past and present will show up for charity! Check out Lebron and Dwight Howard throw down and former three point champion Craig Hodges interview at the 2012 NBA Jam Session on video below!


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