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Japanese Comfort Food: Munchies by Vice: Guu Izakaya [Video]


Toronto’s Guu Izakaya is a rare restaurant for a few reasons. It’s the only place we know of where the staff happily shouts at you as soon as you enter the door. It’s also one of the few Japanese spots in the city that’s actually run by Japanese people. Guu is known for its spicy squid rings, baked oysters, fried chicken, and massive steins of beer. It’s Japanese pub food at its finest.

In this episode, we take executive chef Masaru Ogasawara and his crew out to Enoteca Sociale for a decadent Italian dinner. Then we head to the secret Toronto Temperance society for cocktails, and eventually back to Guu at the end of the night for Japanese comfort food.

Source: VICE


This looks bangin!!!! Im sayin’ tho!!!