Posted February 12, 2013 by Chelle B in Media

Solange Knowles Covers The FADER [Photo] + BTS Footage [Video]

fader solange

Solange Knowles covers the February/ March 2013 issue of FADER magazine. In their ‘Rise to Shine’ issue about Solange the young free spirited little sister of mega star Beyonce’ tells her story of growing up in the industry and making a name for herself. Read highlights below.

On school becoming ‘a bit of a nightmare’: “I was having a tough time—either kids [were] being like super rude, like, ‘you think you’re all that,’ or being like, ‘can I get tickets?’”

On touring with her Destiny’s Child:
“It was really nice, ’cause in a weird way, we were able to have a lot more of a consistent family life,” she says.

On writing two songs for Kelly Rowland’s first solo LP, Simply Deep: “Kelly, I can’t believe she had a leap of faith in me at 15—I had just turned 15!”


Getting married at a young age: “A lot of me wanting to get married so young and have a kid and move to Idaho and the country had to do with me, [from age] 13 to 17, being on the road and having to work so much,” she says.

“In all aspects of my career, simplicity is so key,” she says. “I think it has a lot to do with how much the quality of my life has improved since Julez started school, which pretty much implemented a schedule and a lifestyle that revolves around a nine-to-five hour,” she says.

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