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New Music: Exchanging Highs / More Time – Hydroponikz, M.U.G. & PM [Audio]

From the trio that brought you “#Unnecessary” comes two compositions of a softer, sweeter nature. However, these songs by comparison, are not to be taken lightly as they can evoke extreme feelings of love, lust, and euphoria, with a little bit of speechlessness. You know, the kind of loss for words that occurs when your significant other forcefully hushes you with one finger. That heart stopping moment when you spot your other half from across a crowded room, stunning, enigmatic and familiar all in one. It’s that middle dimension where colors transmute into beauty, personality becomes being, and where the sound of silence is more pleasurable than the finest symphony during it’s most intense movement.”Exchanging Highs” by Hydroponikz & PM is a short story of two strangers who become entangled emotionally, through the use of natural enhancement and empowerment of one another. Although it appears to be your typical one night stand on the surface, something deeper is truly going on between them that extends beyond the physical realm, where the usual words to describe beauty no longer apply.”More Time” by M.U.G. & PM is more than the quintessential ode to lovers, but rather, a testament to those who love life together. The song delves into the possibilities that creating an experience carries along with it, and the beauty that those experiences can contain. A beauty that even the song lyrics fall far from accurately describing, begging the listener to be present in the moment, rather than analyzing it’s merits.

The “Exchanging Highs” / “More Time” dual single will be available February 12th, 2013 on CDBaby, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and more. Each song will appear on each of their respective solo projects, to be announced at a later date.

Released 12 February 2013

by Ryan Abugan, Rosendo Pili, Mark Villena
This is like Brown Sugar 2013…this is music.
Definitely something nice to listen to during Valentines Day for the Mixtapes and the ladies.
DJ’s, consider putting this on your next R&B mixtapes….this is fire.