Posted February 10, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Lil Wayne Chucked Out Lakers-Heat Game?!

Lil Wayne

Lil Weezy was literally just chucked out the Lakers-Heat game at American Airlines Arena in Miami – South Beach for rooting for LA! All the sudden in the second half Weezy was no where in sight, and then suddenly he tweeted that he was ejected! Remember, Weezy was denied access a year ago to a Thunder-Spurs game at Oklahoma City Arena for charges of rooting for the away team; Weezer wrote back then, They denied me the tix. Didnt want me in their arena. They also said if I do come, I can only sit behind the bench, not on the floor & that I wouldn’t be able to get any special escort nor entrance. They said its the “Oklahoma way” – bleacherreport. I would have to side with Weezy on this one, its no fun if the away fans can’t cheer for their team too! South Beach what happen? Check out Weezy tweet above, state your case, and look out for more as the story breaks!