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Update: Mendeecees Harris Takes The Stand ‘I Didn’t Commit Those Acts To That Girl!’


“Love & Hip Hop” star Mendeecees Harris took the stand in Hackensack, NJ court in a statutory rape/sexual abuse case involving 15-year-old girl.

At the age of 15, the woman who is now 19 had a sexual relationship with Mendeecees Harris. LAHH star claims he did not commit those acts and he barely interacted with her at all.

According to CliffViewPilot.com:

“I never had a relationship with her, she never extended herself,” said Harris, taking the stand in his own defense. “She didn’t play basketball, she didn’t play Playstation, didn’t want to go to the movies.

“She always walked around the house like she had an attitude,” he said.
“That’s the truth – never, never – I never committed none of them acts to that girl in my life.”

As previously reported, the young woman claimed she lived with Harris, because her mother was also involved with him. Menceedees denies being with her mother as well and says she was just a friend.

Harris stated that he put $50,000 on a home for them to live in as ‘friends’. He was very disappointed with the victim’s mother only out her name on the deed.

“I told her we need to either sell the house or you need to give me my down payment out,” Harris said. “My stuff was in boxes in the hallway for months.”

He then claimed that his “friend”, the victim’s mother, rented an apartment in her name–putting her credit on the line–for Mendeecees to live in. The prosecuter, Demetra Maurice, pressed him on why she would do this:

“She offered that service,” Harris said, “because I had to get out of the relationship with [his oldest child Mendeecees Jr.‘s] mom…. She put the apartment in her name and she didn’t have a key, didn’t live there.”

“She put her credit on the line?” Maurice asked him.
“Yes, yes, she did that – absolutely,” he said. “Anything to impress me, she would do. She bought me a mink coat as a friend.”

He went  on explaining:

They moved in together in Lodi “because I had credit problems,” Harris testified.“She told me if my name was on the loan it would cost more,” he said. So they decided that he’d pay the down payment, she’d get the loan and the deed would be in his name. He said he also paid the grocery, cable and other bills.

Then, his voice choked with emotion, Harris said he went to the Bergen County Clerk’s Office and discovered his name wasn’t on the deed. This, he said, forced him to remain in the house. After living together in Lodi for three years, they were joined by the teenager, he said.

Contradicting her testimony, Harris said he was rarely around the girl – although he admitted exchanging texts, mostly about “when her mother and I were going to be home.”

So many questions, yet no answers.. SMH

Why would Menceedees put $50,000 down on a house just for a ‘friend’? Was he with Yandy at the time? What were in those test messages between the victim and Mendeecees?




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