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Knicks’ James White Set to Take ‘Flight’ in Sprite Slam Dunk Contest! [Video]

Sprite Slam Dunk contest 2013

“It’s best for the people who want to do it,’’ White said Wednesday night before it became official. “Put the people who actually want to do it and want to win and think it’s fun, than picking the people who are forced to do it. Some people maybe are protecting their reputation. They don’t want to lose.’’

“It’s fun for the fans — an opportunity to show your talents,’’ White said. nypost

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Knicks’ James ‘Flight’ White is set to take flight in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest during the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend (Feb 15-17)! White was nicknamed ‘Flight 75’ or James ‘Flight’ White for his “take flight” dunks from behind the free throw line and land dem dunks with both hands (video below)! He will join the East team (with the new format) along side, 2007 champion and Pacers guard Gerald Green and Raptors’ Terrence Ross! The West team will include: Clippers’ Eric Bledsoe, Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried, and Utahs’ Jeremy Evans! Even though White says you don’t need big names in the dunk contest (quote above), I think Lebron (and Wade) need to knuckle up and get in the contest!

James ‘Flight’ White dunks from behind the free-throw line:


East Squad

2013 SpriteSlam Contestant James White:


2013 SpriteSlam Contestant Gerald Green:


2013 SpriteSlam Contestant Terrence Ross:


West Squad

2013 SpriteSlam Contestant Eric Bledsoe:


2013 SpriteSlam Contestant Kenneth Faried:


2013 SpriteSlam Contestant Jeremy Evans: