Posted February 6, 2013 by Chelle B in Style and Fashion

Idris Elba Covers British GQ [Photo]

idris elba gq

British GQ recruited the Luther star, Idris Elba to cover their “Cool List.” Sporting Marlon Brando‘s biker duds from “The Wild One,” Idris shows off his playful side in the March 2013 issue. Read Highlights from the interview below.

About his own insecurities in his GQ interview
: “The irony is I wake up every morning, look at myself in the mirror and think, ‘Woah, I look like a piece of s***.’ You watch yourself age and it’s hard to feel like a sex symbol.”

Speaking about the female attention he’s received
: “It’s a compliment and it’s a massive tool to use in sculpting a career, especially with what I do for a living because I work in the face business. So it’s a compliment and I use it accordingly.”

Directing and starring in a recent Mumford and Sons video and his longtime love for DJ’ing
: “I’m at a massive crossroads at the moment. Whether it’s music or acting, that creativity all comes from the same source. It’s a bit like if you work out your arms or your abs too much, your legs get skinny. You need to exercise them all at the same time…”

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