Posted February 5, 2013 by Marie-D in Movies & TV

Love & Hip Hop’s Tahiry Leaks Joe Buddens Texts +’Jen the Pen’ Apologizes for Pulling White Card [Photo]

Tahiry wants Kaylin to know that Joe Buddens wants her back.  While Kaylin was hosting a party in Virgnia, Tahiry blasts Joe! She posted pictures of texts from Joe insinuating he wants the old thing back.

Check out the picture below:

INTERESTING!! In other reality news….

During last night episode on Love & Hip Hop NY, the media went crazy after ‘Jen the Pen’ blurted out, during a heated argument with Raqi Thunder:

“I’m white, I’ll get it done.’

And Raqi called Jen a:


Jen went on twitter to clarify her statement, she tweeted:

“Racist is the last thing I could EVER be. But being called an “entitled HONKY” on national is okay? Please be clear anything regarding race was heat on the moment, the devil will bring out the worst in you. This is what my family is made of, if my comments affected anyone I apologize”

Consequence even defended his wifey on twitter:

“Jen is NOT a Racist. The hoe made her MAD n she defended herself in a racially insensitive manner. I wasn’t there n we are arguing about it.”