Posted February 1, 2013 by Unique in Media

Mark Wahlberg Talks Entourage Movie

Earlier this MTV News’ Josh Horowitz was able to chat it up with Broken City star Mark Wahlberg about via phone to get his thoughts on one of HBO’s hit shows hitting the big screen as well as what to expect. Check out highlights from the phone interview below.

MTV News: I know we’ve talked the last couple years and you’ve always said, “This is gonna happen, this has been my mission to make this happen.” How tough was it to get this greenlit?

Mark Wahlberg: [Series creator] Doug [Ellin] wanted to go off to do another show, and HBO liked the idea of doing it, but to have Doug actually have time to sit down and write the script … I always knew the fans wanted a movie. Everywhere I’d go, people are always asking me, “What about ‘Entourage’? What about ‘Entourage’? When’s the movie coming?” So it just took a long time. It took a long time to get it written, get it right, and we got a fantastic script. Warner Bros. is very excited about it. All the guys are excited. Getting everybody in the same place at the same time has been tough as well.

MTV: So what’s the time frame? The script’s done, it’s got the green light, do you know when you guys shoot and when it’s eyeing to release?

Wahlberg: Well, hopefully [we’ll shoot in] spring. Spring or summer. May, June, depending on scheduling. But hopefully as soon as possible. And then release, I mean, either a summer movie or a fall movie, depending. But I like the summer. I like April, May [next year].

MTV: So were you reading a lot of what Doug was working on, or did you wait till he had a draft he was happy with?

Wahlberg: No, we talked about the ideas, and then it was like, “OK, go do your thing.” And then the script came in, and it was long. It was a process. Getting it right, getting a nice balance of all the guys, and getting the guys back together. I always just wanted to get back to where it was just about the guys. We had a lot of strong female characters, and I love all those characters, but it really was always about the guys.

For the full interview head over to MTV.