Posted February 1, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Harbowl: Super Bowl XLVII Super Preview

Randy Moss becomes Niners leader, Jerry Rice responds to Mosses boast about being top receiverRavens’ Michael Oher dodges “Blind Side” movie questions, Niners’ Patrick Willis out to eclipse idol Ray Lewis

For the first time ever in Super Bowl history, two brothers Jim and John Harbaugh will face off as coaches of their teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII rightfully dubbed the “Harbowl”! The Harbaugh bros. spoke at a press conference Thursday night (video below)! New Orleans is getting back on track after the devastating Hurricane Katrina (2005), and they even made a Super drink called a “Harbaugh” in dedication to the Super Bowl of the ages! Early in Media week, the Ravens and Niners responded to President Obama’s “NFL Safety concerns”! During Media week, Ravens spirited soon-to-be-retired leader, Ray Lewis, is the X-Factor, and fired back after deer antler steroid claims (video below)! The deer antler company tried to defend itself after the shananigans! Niners’ little known cornerback Chris Culliver tried to make a name for himself during media week by tossing the gay word out and later apologized! Jersey native, Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco caught some heat for saying next year’s Super Bowl shouldn’t be in New Jersey, and Giants’ QB Eli Manning dialed in on that comment! Niner’s QB Colin Kaepernick has remained relatively quiet, and most likely saving his game for on the field! Check out Harbaugh’s parents, Harbaugh Bros Super Bowl song, and Ray Lewis press conference on video below!


Harbaugh Parents joke on sons coaching the Super Bowl:


Jimmy Fallon’s Harbaugh Brothers Super Bowl Song:


Ray Lewis media week press conference on deer antler spray accusations: