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Fatfingaz Top 10 DMC World Routines + 30 Year Anniversary pt 1 [Video]


As DMC celebrates 30 years of serving the DJs music, they have served us the biggest & prestigious DJ Battle in the world.

*Disco Mix Club (DMC) is a DJ remix service founded by Tony Prince which began as a radio show (Disco Mix Club Show) in 1981 on Radio Luxembourg in the UK. Prince helped popularise a new style of DJ mixes using the turntable as an instrument. DMC started operating as a remix service in 1983. They started producing remix cassettes in February 1983, and vinyl in July 1984. As early as 1989 they began producing compilation CDs, and later began issuing remixes exclusively on CD. In 1986, DMC started the annual DMC World DJ Championships through the Mixmag magazine.



What really changed the game is when in 1985, they formed their first DJ Battle which was just in the UK. They were just doing remixes  not cutting as much until….1986.

The following year, they made it International. About 15 countries entered and 1 will come out as the champion.

Everyone was blending records with ease and remixing on the spot. Every contestant had 6 mins.

DJ Cheese from the United States “changed the game” and came into the competition with a totally different format.


He was cutting & scratching Hip-Hop and early Electro records which had all the competitors floored and the crowds amazed.

The competition was floored.

This changed the whole DMC game forever. Not only the USA brought the gold home, we created a standard.




This was Raida’s year hands down! There were so many rivalries that he had to encounter from NYC to Philly that it just made him unstopabble. This ws the year that I believe showcased DJ Babu from The Beat Junkies who killed it in the Finals! Shortkut (SF), Ghetto (Philly), Active (Philly) and more were in this US FINAL.


Then Raida competed amongst the best, especially one in the World which was DJ Noize from Demnark.

Raida Won hands down and in my opinion was one of the best victory speeches that anybody can make!!

Raida told me that he said what he said in his speech out of the passion, frustration and happiness to reach the goal that he did. He didn’t have it easy and was caught up in the moment. He later told me that he felt embarrassed for saying what he did because his aunts and older relatives (mind you this is 1995 and the videos came out 3-4 months after the Finals) watched the video months later. He laughed it off!

A true Champion Grand Master Roc Raida aka….Ant.


The Dream Team (Q-bert & Mixmaster Mike) 1993


They just herbed the competiton.

Chuck Norris.

France came after them and they gave it right back 10 fold.

No disrespect to The French in 1993 but they set off a war and got served….


DJ NOIZE 1996 Danish & DMC World Champion


Raida went to defend his title and Noize was ready for him.



DJ CRAZE 1998 DMC USA Champion, 1998, 1999 & 2000 Champion

Check out the story of DJ Craze here exclusively on ThatsEnuff.com







To be continued…….

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