Posted January 31, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

X-Games Snowmobile Rider Caleb Moore Passes Away

Caleb Moore shows the silver medal he won for snowmobile best trick in the 2010 ESPN X-Games.

25-year old professional snowmobile trickster Caleb Moore passed away on Thursday morning. He was in critical condition for a week (at Grand Junction Hospital) after a (now fatal) crash during the X-Games last Thursday night. This is the first confirmed death in the extensive 18-year history of the ESPN X-Games. In the initial crash, the snowmobile landed on top of him as he attempted to back flip in the snowmobile style competition. He switched from all-terrain vehicles to snowmobiles in his teens, and captured four medals in the X-Games. Caleb won the bronze last year, and his younger brother Colton took the gold. Colton is besides himself with the loss of his brother. Check out one of his X-Games Silver medal tricks and the horrific crash on video below! Our consolescences go out to the family and friends of Caleb Moore, who put it all on the line for the X-Games. R.I.P. Caleb Moore

Winter X-Games 2010 Caleb Moore Silver Medal Snowmobile Best Trick:


X-Games 2013 crash: