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Deep Cover: Vanilla Ice Explains What Really Happened w/ Suge Knight [Video]


Just as promised, in our Deep Cover feature on SwaysUniverse.com, here is Vanilla Ice’s full interview with Sway in the Morning. In their conversation, Ice speaks openly on all things Ice — including selling 160 million records, the key to success according to his experiences, and what really happened with Suge Knight. Did he really get hung over a balcony?

“The truth is he was nice.” Admits Ice. “The story seems a little bit better, a little bit more interesting, and got better ratings when you have Vanilla Ice hanging upside down and you see his change coming from his pockets. The truth is, he took that money, but I look at it in a positive way because I’ve made great investments.”

Before talking about dating Madonna, he went on to discuss his indirect involvement with Death Row Records.

“That money went on to start Death Row Records.” Claims Ice. “That money funded some of the greatest hip hop records of all time. ‘The Chronic’ record, funded by Vanilla Ice.”

Watch him elaborate with mentions of Snoop and Tupac.


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