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Shaun White Wins Record Sixth Straight X-Games! [Video]


“Six years … it’s a pretty humbling title to hold,” White said at Buttermilk. “Next year, going for the seventh is going to be pretty intense too.”

“I felt the hang time,” White said of the 24-foot peak. “I got to the top and was still kind of going. … The heavy part of that is you come out of that with an amazing amount of speed.” – denverpost


“I just wanted to have fun,” Hirano said through a interpreter.

“He’s amazing. I was trying to think of what I was doing at that age,” said White, who was 13 when he competed in his first X Games, in 2000. “I was proud to ride with him. He was going pretty much as big as I was and I was impressed.” – denverpost

Snowboard SuperPipe pioneer, Shaun White, furthermore cemented his legacy by winning his sixth consecutive gold at the Aspen X-Games on Sunday night! He started with a solid 95 score on his first run, and hit a record height of 24-feet on his second run! He finished his second run with an amazing frontside double-cork 1260 and an unbeatable score of 98! White was the oldest competitor at 26 years old (on the halfpipe), and coincidentally beat out the youngest competitor, Ayumu Hirano for the Gold! Hirano is from Japan and only 14-years old, a rookie at the X-Games that made history by riding out to a Silver medal on a historic run; including reaching heights of 18 feet, and finishing with a last-hit, double-cork 1260! Shaun White hit the first ever perfect 100 score in the X-Games 2012; check out the video below! Also, check out this year’s record breaking runs by White and Hirano on video above!

Shaun White Perfect 100 Snowboard SuperPipe X-Games 2012:


On a Sad note, 25-year old Texan Caleb Moore, is still in intensive care with brain damage after a bad crash on Thursday night during the X-Games! Check out the video below (1:15 minute mark)!