Posted January 25, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Aussie Open: Azarenka Cheats Match?!

“I couldn’t breathe, you know,’’ Azarenka said on court after the win. “That game, you know, I just had chest pain, like getting a heart attack or something out there. I just needed to make sure it’s okay cause I really couldn’t breathe.’’

“This injury timeout rule needs to be thoroughly re-examined,” ESPN analyst Patrick McEnroe said. “Leaving the court for any amount of time because of nerves is unacceptable.” – yahoosports

The No. 1 Women’s tennis player in the world, Victoria Azarenka, who makes sweet orgasmic hummingbird sounds with every stroke (of the racket), cheated to victory in the Australian Open semi-final match against 19-year old American Sloane Stephens on Thursday! Azarenka won the first set easily 6-1, but started to come apart in the second set! Her hummingbird sounds turned to screams on missed shots and slamming balls when she lost games! She was still ahead and barely holding onto a 5-4 lead in the second set w/ Stephens about to serve, when suddenly she ran into the building on a injury timeout?! Stephens sat in her chair and waited 10 minutes for the sobbing star to come out and continue the match! Azarenka went on to win 6-4 after the unusual timeout?! The tactic seemed very short-sided, as she was obviously not injured, and literally cheated the game! She even changed her story later! Check out comments above and the videos below!


Azarenka changes her injury timeout story to back and rib injuries: