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Throwback Thursdays : DJ Controllers are not a 2013 thing, 1988 maybe? [Video]


Vintage Electronics Gemini FF-1 Flash Former Created by Grandmaster Flash in 1988 for Gemini “The Flash Former is the only signal transforming device that lets any amateur or professional rock, rap, mainstream, and hip-hop DJ create clean, quality, and, ultra hot scratch effects. Until now transformer scratching was a complicated technique that required sliding the fader rhythmically back and forth to create a scratching – repeating type effect. Now the same effect can be produced without touching your fader controls! All you do is rhythmically move the record and press the Flash Former Transform button!” Touch-sensitive keys for speed scratching

  • Plug between turntable and mixer
  • Ultra light compact design for the DJ on the go
  • Eliminates wear and tear on mixer/fader
  • Defeat switch for regular mixer
  • Can also be used with most any home stereo for creating ultra-hot party tapes.

 Source : Youtube

In conclusion, KNOW YOUR HISTORY!

Thank Grand Master Flash for pioneering Turntablism and beyond!



You can still pick this sweet controller up on EBAY.