Posted January 23, 2013 by Chelle B in Media

Prince Covers Billboard Magazine and is Honored with the 2013 Icon Award

Chosen as Billboard’s 2013 Icon honoree at the Billboard Music Awards in May, Prince covers the new January 26 edition of Billboard Magazine. “I was reluctant to let you come,” says Prince, “until I heard that you’re planning to do a story about ownership.”

He remains adamant about not allowing reporters record their conversations with him, “Some in the past have taken my voice and sold it,” he says. “I can’t remember the incident that triggered it and it’s probably best that I don’t.” And he still frowns at the idea of a reporter taking notes, “That would be just like texting.”

With a new logo and an information packed graphic on the back page, the magazine will be dedicated to the delivery of business journalism that leads and informs the essential conversations around the music and businesses it covers.

Billboard editorial director Bill Werde puts it in an editor’s letter in the new issue, “The music industry is a dynamic place, and this book will serve your information needs more than ever, going deeper into the trends, technologies and ideas shaping your decisions. If you don’t learn something that will help your business in every issue, we aren’t doing our jobs.”

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