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Happy Bday JMJ! – Run DMC Live in Moscow, Russia ’98 & more [Video]


Words from a DJ.

Jam Master Jay wasn’t just a Turntablist, he was a Father, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Cousin and best friend to many around the world. RUN DMC & JMJ changed the face of Hip-Hop and RAP music when people just saw HIP-HOP as just a passing trend amongst the youth of NYC. (Hip-Hop is still a movement and lifestyle that is infectious and one that you could pass up.) It was allover the place like graffiti on trains, walls & minds just like RUN DMC painted on their stage shows.

Queens is the place where this group came together under the management of Russell Simmons and the style of JMJ. Russell was the one who old his brother and DMC to dress like Jay. JMJ’s style was unique and Russell saw. 30 years later, we still celebrate that style and life that JMJ brought to the world!

When I say the world, I mean THE WORLD!!….no education can really put in a book what RUN DMC saw for their own eyes and what the have experienced in their Adidas. They were dreamers who live and still live their dream where they still celebrate JMJ’s life on stage, during personal times and interviews.

Myself born and raised in Jamaica Queens where JMJ walked those streets that I have walked as a child dreaming one day to be a DJ, this is a national holiday for me. JMJ showed not only the world that “GOOD MUSIC” not only brings the people together, its the love that brings its all together with the talent, understanding and respect for the people. JMJ showed DJs around the world that if we work hard, that we can travel the world doing what we love to do. I love what I do and in a small way….

“I do represent Jay.”

GM Roc Raida always told me that….

He knew I understood the show DJ etiquette.

October 3oth, 2002, I was at Busta Rhymes J Records Industry party at the Hit Factory NYC when the news broke and hit my 2 way pager. I didn’t know why Busta’s energy went from 1000% to stale in a matter of minutes while holding a bottle of cognac on that podium until I received that news on my device. Busta is way to animated and shows his emotions.

It was written allover his face something was seriously wrong.

I rushed home on train and did research on the news, it was real. I grew up in the 169th and Hillside section in Jamaica Queens, I know my hood. You knew something was seriously wrong because Merrick BLVD was lit up like the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree from Hillside Ave & Merrick down to to Jamaica Ave. Everything was blocked off…sirens and the 103rd Precinct was alive and nobody can go thru. I knew my hero has fallen to the streets with seeing the catastrophic scene for myself.

My heart broke as a DJ and as a person.

My hero passed on but he will never be forgotten….

Brooklyn birthed him, Queens perfected him.

Happy Birthday Jam Master Jay aka Jason Mizell.

Thank you for showing this DJ from Jamaica, Queens what it meant to be a leader of a pack and the world what a DJ is.

– DJ Fatfingaz

– @djfatfingaznyc


RIP Jay.