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The Secret World of Shoplifting [Video]


Every single day in North America, there are more than 600,000 shoplifting incidents. Eighty percent of us have stolen at least once in our lives. One out of every 10 of us shoplifts often. And now, organized crime has discovered that it’s a low risk way to turn a handsome profit. The truth is … stealing from stores is a big part of our consumer culture And it’s a crime you pay for every time you step up to the cash register.

The Secret World of Shoplifting examines the rise in retail crime and how the consumer’s quest for the lowest discount price fuels the market for stolen merchandise. Featuring astonishing security camera footage, the latest crime-fighting technology and interviews from both sides of the law, The Secret World of Shoplifting investigates why people steal, who is doing the stealing, what others are doing to fight it, and how retail theft affects us all.

Thieves call it ‘The Five Finger Discount’, but there’s nothing funny about the true impact it’s having on retailers, especially in these tough economic times. North American business will lose approximately $40 billion this year to what they call “Shrink.” Some will be forced into bankruptcy.

In this fascinating journey into the “real world” of retail crime, specialists share their experiences and thoughts on why this crime is on the rise including: lawyer and retail theft expert, Terry Shulman, a former shoplifter who now helps others who can’t stop stealing; Jerry Biggs, a retail crime investigator who demonstrates the techniques and the technology his team uses to track professional shoplifters; Florida Sheriff Grady Judd, who reveals how the arrest of a couple of shoplifters led his officers to a multi-million dollar crime syndicate; and Rick Osborne, a Canadian crime consultant who uses his own experience behind bars to explain where shoplifters fit into the business plan for gangs.

The Secret World of Shoplifting reveals the latest technology being used by store owners and shoplifters alike . It’s a cat and mouse game as thieves counter every new invention designed to catch them. And now, the economic downturn has raised the stakes. Consumers are hunting down the lowest prices… at any cost. Often they don’t know or don’t want to know where all that cheap merchandise is coming from. Internet commerce, discount vendors and local flea markets are all part of the problem.

The Secret World of Shoplifting isn’t just about stealing – it’s about the test of honesty in an economic downturn.

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