Posted January 16, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Nike to Reunite w/ Lance Armstrong?!

“Never say never,” a smiling Knight said when asked if there was any chance Armstrong and Nike would “reunite.” Knight was at a conference at the Brookings Institution in Washington Tuesday.

“The whole thing is sort of an unpleasant surprise,” said Knight, who added that he will watch Winfrey’s interview. – nydailynews

In a rather strange turn of events, Nike CEO Phil Knight has indicated that Lance Armstrong may possibly be endorsed by them yet again?! In October, when devastating evidence surfaced from the USADA, United States Anti-Doping Agency, Armstrong lost his sponsorship with Nike, his seven Tour De France trophies, and was banned from the cycling sport all together! Nike has been known for a soft spot for mess-ups, like with Tiger Woods, but Armstrong tried to represent himself as an advocate of anti-doping while conducting an intricate scheme for doping at the same time! Even with a full confession on Oprah (on Thursday), Armstrong would have to literally start from the ground up to get believers back! Think of all those kids wearing “Live Strong” bracelets and believing, loving, watching and adoring the biggest hypocrit on the planet – Lance Armstrong! Check out the comment from the CEO above!