Posted January 16, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Melo Responds to SpyGate Scandal!

“I don’t care about the microphones, ‘’ Anthony told The Post in the hotel lobby. “I wasn’t aware of it. I found out on the plane [ride].’’

“I don’t think the mikes are going to stop what goes out on the court,’’ Anthony said. “But it was funny when I heard it. No, I wasn’t upset. Not at all.” – nypost

“I got an owner that looks out (for me),” Anthony said on Wednesday morning during shoot-around. “You can’t beat that.  For an owner to protect his players you can’t beat that. That shows you how much loyalty Mr. Dolan has.” – nydailynews

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The Knicks’ owner, James Dolan, set up recording devices to dub in on Melo during home games after the notorius KG-Melo Drama at MSG last Monday! Melo didn’t even know that he was recording Friday and Sunday’s home games, and didn’t care! In fact, Melo commended Dolan for standing up for his players! It is rather surprising that Melo was defiant with the owner’s unusual technique, but he probably just wants the drama to be over and move on to the next chapter! Check out Melo’s comments above!