Posted January 16, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Melo f. Nas Documentary: ‘Playing For The City That Made Me: Episode 1 + 2’ [Video]


“Born in Brooklyn, raised in Red Hook and every night… I play for New York. #PlayforNY”

Nike Jordan Brand brings you Melo’s new mini-documentary f. Nas and Knick legend Bernard King (1982-1987), family, and friends! It breaks the deck on his history and roots from Red Hook Brooklyn, and goes into how he loves “Playing for the City that made me”! Everybody from Nas to MSG studio analyst Alan Hahn gives their take on Melo and the city that made him! Episode 1 goes into Melo’s upbringing in Red Hook from family and friend’s perspectives and gives interesting insight into his past, while episode 2 focuses more on Melo’s current personal life with entourage and his big return to the Big Apple! Episode 2 was released today, and every week a new episode will be released! New episodes can be seen at thisismelo.com and Jordan brand jumpman23.com, which showcases it to entice you to purchase Melo brand new Jordan MELO M9 sneakers! Check out the trailer above and the full episode 1 and 2 below!

Episode 2:


Episode 1: