Posted January 15, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Pettitte Signs Up for World Baseball Classic!

“Andy told us it’s something he’s thinking about doing, but that’s all I know,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said yesterday. “He’s on the eligible pool list and he just gave us a heads up that Joe Torre had been campaigning for him to join the squad, which I can understand why, because Andy is a hell of a pitcher.”

“If Joe Torre signed up to be the manager and if Andy Pettitte signs up to play, they are going all-in to win,” Cashman said. “Joe’s not managing that team for a hobby, he’s managing it to win, and he’s certainly not going to sign onto something unless he feels he can win, so they’re all-in.” – nypost

WBC Schedule and Tickets

Yankees 40-year old ace, Andy Pettitte will join ex-Yankee manager Joe Torre on Team USA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic! Torre managed Pettitte with the Yankees from 1996-2003 and 2007! They will battle baseball meccas like Dominician Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Japan, Venezuala, etc. for the World Title! Team USA is currently ranked No. 2 (Cuba No. 1) in the world; check out the complete current IBAF world ranking list! Other Yankees that are joining the WBC include: Mark Teixeira (Team USA), Robinson Cano (D.R.), pitcher Ivan Nova (D.R.), catcher Francisco Cervelli (Team Italy)! Mets’ David Wright will make his second appearance for Team USA; his first was in 2009 under Davey Johnson when they lost in the semi-finals. Ex-Met and current Blue Jay knuckleballer R.A. Dickey will be joining the Team USA squad as well! The final roster will be announced on Thursday, and Team USA will kick off the WBC Tournament on March 8 against Mexico at Chase Field in Phoenix! Check out comments from Yankee GM Brian Cashman above!