Posted January 15, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Funny

NFL Funnies: Ravens Fan Goes Crazy after Stunning Playoff Win! [Video]


“My husband was going nuts during the game, so I started recording him during the second half. This was his reaction to the Ray Rice touchdown at the end of the 3rd quarter to tie the game,” said Rachael Letourneau. nypost

The wife of an avid Baltimore Ravens fan, Mrs. Rachael Letourneau, decided to record her husband going “insane” during the second half of the Ravens-Broncos game on Saturday! She even divided the videos into a three-part series, and gave descriptions for each part! Part I is on video above, and Part II and III are on video below! Check it out!

Part II: “End of 4th quarter, Ravens down 7, and Mr. Doom and gloom is certain the game is over, until Jacoby Jones scores to tie it up with seconds left in regulation sending it to OT. Here’s the reaction!” – nypost


Part III: “Here’s the reaction to the interception in OT that led to a game winning field goal for the Ravens! (At one point my daughter looked at my husband, and then said “Wait a minute, was that interception a good thing or a bad thing?”) The best part is the expression on my other daughter’s face at the end of the clip.” – nypost