Posted January 15, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Knicks Owner SpyGates On Melo?!

“I heard about it, but I don’t know about all of that, I don’t know where it came from,” said coach Mike Woodson, claiming he did not see any extra devices Friday. “Absolutely not. I’m distracted in other areas, and that’s watching these guys run up and down the floor and play basketball.”

“As a player, I would be angry; as management, I would be angry,” said one opposing exec. “Did they have them near both benches? What’s to prevent them from shipping information to the home team?

“There are no prohibitions against having audio equipment in the arena,” an NBA spokesman said. – nypost

All Ears in Madison Square Garden! Since the KG-Melo Drama and the “he said, he said”, the Knicks owner James Dolan has been having technicians spygate (or listen in) on Melo’s conversation for the entire game! Melo was suspended for one game by the league, and after that the Knicks ups employed two technicians on each end of the court to use a nifty gadget, called a parabolic microphone, during home games to listen in on Melo and hear nearby conversation. Dolan seems to have received approval by league officials (quote above)! They first deployed SpyGate on Melo during Friday’s smashing loss to the Chicago Bulls and then again in Sunday’s win over the Charlotte Hornets! The owner did it to supposedly protect Melo after all the court chatter during the KG-Melo incident at the Garden last Monday, but I don’t think he likes being mic’ed for the entire game; that’s a lot of pressure and weirdness too! If I was Melo I would tell the owner to stop it! The next question is… can they take this (tech) guy on the road too? The Knicks travel to London to take on the Detroit Pistons on Thursday! Check out some conversation above!