Posted January 14, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Boxer Orlando Cruz Comes Out!

“This is a beautiful moment in my life,” Cruz said. “Before fights, after fights, I used to sit with my mother and cry, cry, cry. Now it is my time, my moment.  Now I am (finally) relaxed, because I can be me.”

“Now I am free,” Cruz said.

“It’s not only a brave step and a huge step that Orlando took, I think it’s going  to be one of the milestone events not only in boxing, but in all of sports,” says Pedro Julio Serrano, communications manager for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Cyd Zeigler Jr. is president and co-founder of Outsports, a forum of information and advocacy for gay athletes.

“Coming out has its potential perils in  any sport, but coming out in a sport in which somebody is literally trying to knock you unconscious is particularly (courageous),” Zeigler says. “People get killed in the boxing ring; you certainly don’t want to give somebody added incentive.” Zeigler didn’t explicitly reference the horrific events of March 24, 1962 at Madison Square Garden, but didn’t have to.

In a middleweight title fight, Emile Griffith bludgeoned Benny Paret into a coma and eventual death — lethal payback for a homophobic slur Paret directed at Griffith at the weigh-in. – nydailynews

“I have and will always be a proud Puerto Rican. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man,” Cruz said on October 4, 2012 when he first revealed his sexuality.

Puerto Rican 5-foot-5 126 lb. featherweight boxer, Orlando Cruz came out of the closet! He is 31 years old and still has more fights ahead of him, but felt it was time to be himself and reveal his hidden secret! Cruz is attempting to pave the way for open sexuality in a brutal blood sport called boxing! He followed the likes of singer Ricky Martin, former featherweight boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, John Amaechi, a former NBA forward who came out in 2007, and Wade Davis, the former NFL defensive back who came out last June! In 22 major fights, Cruz has 19 wins, nine knockouts with two losses and one draw! Check out some comments above and the full poetry of Cruz right here!