Posted January 14, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Beyoncé & Jay-Z Spends $200,000 on Blue Ivy’s Birthday [Details Inside]

In honor of Blue Ivy’s first birthday, Bey and Jay threw an expensive birthday bash. Get the details below.

So what did the hip hop princess get??

Beyoncé and Jay-Z spent around $95,000 on the finest pink and white roses. They couple also spent $30,000 on princess jewelry and costumes for Blue’s guest. Whatever happen to goodie bags? We are sure the kids would have been happy with a bunch of smarties and plastic whistles!  Its gets better, for the adults, they got gold pens with Blue Ivy’s name engraved on them and concert tickets!

Last but not least *drum roll pllzzz* Blue Ivy’s gift, Beyoncé and Jay-Z gave her an $80,000 custom made Barbie that was cover in diamonds! We can only image what Blue’s Sweet Sixteen will be like. While some can’t pay for college, Blue will be sh*tting out diamonds! LOL!

Must be nice!!


Pic courtesy of ONTD