Posted January 9, 2013 by Global Vito in New Artist Spot Light

New Artist Spot Light: Darryl G “Unconditional Love” [Video]

Unconditional Love (What the World needs) from kenrick on Vimeo.

Our contribution to One Day on Earth 12.12.12. We asked singer/songwriter Darryl Gervais and producer/musician Mark Dingwell to write and produce a song in one day based on how they felt about any issue or topic that was relevant to the time in which we live and taking into consideration things they themselves needed as opposed to what they wanted to see.

Darryl, saddened by some of the heinous crimes and violence that we face globally, decided to take the theme a step further and encompass the entire world and what we need as one people to heal and overcome the tragedies that we face. They wrote and produced the song Unconditional Love (What the World needs) in its entirety in one day and we spent that day with Darryl, his wife Dana and spiritual brother Mark to film what you see in this video