Posted January 9, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Clemens, Bonds Snubbed at HOF Vote!

The announcement was made at 2 p.m. today and it appears that nobody made it into the HOF! Notorius juicers and legends Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were snubbed on their first ticket! The Baseball Writers of America (who vote) did not believe that they were worthy of the Hall just yet! You must receive 75% of the vote to get in the Hall of Fame! Clemens received 37.6% of the vote, while Bonds received 36.2%. Sammy Sosa who finished his career with 609 homeruns, and reportedly tested positive for roids in 2003, received only 12.5% of the votes. The closest to making it was Craig Biggio with 68.2% of the votes, or 388 votes; 39 votes short of the HOF. Biggio clocked over 3,000 hits (3,060) in his respectable career. Other honorable mentions include: Jeff Bagwell, a former Houston Astros first baseman, who got 57.8% of votes, former NY Met Mike Piazza who got 57.8% of votes, and old-time Tigers pitcher Jack Morris who garnered 67.7% of the vote on his second to last year of eligibility on the final ballot. Admitted roiders Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro received less than 20% of the vote! Clemens won a record seven Cy Young Awards and MVP Award, while garnering over 300 wins and 4,000 strikeouts, and Bonds won a record seven MVP Awards, while breaking the single-season and career records for homeruns! Clemens and Bonds were both tainted with heavy steroid allegations, long court cases, and this was their first time on the ballot!