Posted January 8, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Update: Brooklyn Nets Sex Scandal!

According to sources, Blatche reserved a room for two of his friends, which was separate from the room the Nets supply.

Sources say Blatche and one of friends entered a sixth floor hotel suite with two women they apparently knew.

When they entered the room, sources say the four saw the accuser having sex with the second of Blatche’s two friends in a bedroom. Sources say when the first friend walked out of the bedroom, Blatche’s second friend went into the bedroom and also had sex with the accuser.

After the two were finished, the second friend joined the four others in the living room of the suite while the accuser remained in the bedroom. Moments later, officers knocked on the door and said they had a report of a rape.

All six at the hotel suite, including the accuser, were taken to the Special Victims Unit for questioning.

Sources say at no point during the sexual encounters did anyone hear cries to stop or screams.

Detectives were questioning the accuser Tuesday afternoon and were planning on speaking to Blatche’s two friends afterwards. Sources say Blatche himself was cooperative with authorities. – cbsphilly

Brooklyn Nets Player Caught Up in Sexual Assault?!, CBS Philly Update [Video]

So far it appears… Brooklyn Nets’ PF/C Andray Blatche gave his testimony that suggests his friend, the accused, to be innocent in the matter! It seems to be a case of consensual sex! Check out the Brooklyn Nets Sex Scandal update above!