Posted January 7, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Jets Fans Stampede to Sell Personal Seating Licenses!

The Jets and Giants w/ MetLife adopted a new system, called PSL’s, to get additional funding and future security with the rennovations of the new ‘MetLife’ Stadium in 2010! Basically, you have to purchase a PSL, personal seat license, in order to get season tickets for the Jets and Giants! These PSL’s are purchased with a certain year plan, the longer the better the seats, and quite pricey! Read more below!

“I’ve come to the conclusion it’s just cheaper to go to road games and buy home games through StubHub,” said Kenny Scarabaggio, a season-ticket holder since 1983. “This whole PSL process was a rip-off.”

For two months, Scarabaggio has been trying to peddle his two mid-level mezzanine PSLs for $5,500 — well below the roughly $9,000 he’s paying on a 15-year plan — but can’t find a buyer. – nypost

During the last week, more than 1,100 Jets PSL’s were on sale for rock-bottom prices at seasonticketrights.com, one of the biggest PSL brokers! One fan paid $30K a pop for “Coaches Club” seats, right behind the Jets bench, and is trying to get rid of them for a dismal $12K a pop! Another fan paid $60K for two nearby seats is trying to unload them for $20K! How was this whole system allowed to come about? It shouldn’t be necessary to have to pay for “rights” to get season tickets! Check out quotes above and more right here!