Posted January 4, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NHL Commissioner Hardlines the Strike!

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is acting boldly during the current strike, and raised the stakes on Thursday.

The NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman spoke, rather candidly, on Thursday and said he would “dismantle the teams” if necessary to put the NHL under the steep drop to $60 Million salary cap! He actually angered some of the players and the NHLPA! Bettman must be following suit after NBA Commissioner David Stern tried to hardline the NBA over a year ago in a lockout, and did strangely gain leverage from it; in the end the NBA Players just wanted to play ball more than anything! I assume Bettman is taking the same approach, but I don’t think he will come out with the same results! The NHL owners are so far apart from the NHLPA that hardlining is not the answer; some kind of initial compromise (by the owners) is necessary!