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Adrian Peterson Enters the Books, Leads Viking Into the Playoffs!

“Ultimately we got the ‘W’,” Peterson said after carrying the ball a career-high 34 times. “We said during the week, if it happens, it happens. Don’t focus on it.”

“I know Eric Dickerson is feeling so good right now,” Peterson said with a chuckle, referencing public comments from Dickerson a few weeks back saying he hoped Peterson didn’t break his record. “But God willing, I’ll get it next year.”¬†– espn

NFL Playoff Standing and Seeding

Vikings’ RB Adrian Peterson entered the record books, and came in (2nd place all-time) nine yards shy of breaking Eric Dickerson (2,105) single season rushing record (chart below)! Peterson also single-handedly led the Vikings to the Playoffs (for the first time since 2009) with a spectacular 26-yard run on the last play to put the Vikings on the 11 and set up a 29-yard FG to win! The Minnesota Vikings (10-6) beat the heavily favored Green Bay Packers (11-5) 37-34 on the last second field goal! Peterson finished the game with 199 yards against a top defending team no-less, and grinded it out to the last play! Amazingly, one year after surgery for a torn ACL, Peterson finished second all-time with 2,097 rushing yards in the season! The Vikings will go right back and take on the Packers in the first round of the Playoffs: Minnesota Vikings (#6) at Green Bay Packers (#3) Sat Jan. 6 8PM EST on NBC!

Magnificent Seven

Most Single-Season Rushing Yards, NFL History

Year Player Yards Team
1984 Eric Dickerson 2,105 Rams
2012 A. Peterson 2,097 MIN
2003 Jamal Lewis 2,066 BAL
1997 Barry Sanders 2,053 DET
1998 Terrell Davis 2,008 DEN
2009 Chris Johnson 2,006 TEN
1973 O.J. Simpson 2,003 BUF

(chart courtesy espn)