Posted December 30, 2012 by Chelle B in ThatsEnuff

Usher Remembers Whitney Houston and Becomes New Judge On The Voice

Usher coves the December 2012 issue of DuJour magazine dishes on the next phase of his life, Whitney Houston and being the new judge on NBC’s hit show The Voice.

On Whitney Houston:
“I knew her through Bobby,” the singer explains, referring to Houston’s former husband, Bobby Brown. “Not many people are aware of this, but his bodyguard, A.J. Alexander, was the guy who discovered me. I was just a little knuckleheaded kid from Georgia, trying to find my way, but whenever I was with Whitney and Bobby, they always made sure that I felt right at home.”

On joining NBC’s The Voice:
“I’m a coach, not a judge,” he says. “That’s the difference between this show and the others. I’m going to be inspiring and nurturing talent.”

On what’s next:
“I’m still promoting this record, but I’m also in the studio, picking up my bass, sitting at the piano, working out melodies,” he says. “I have so much inspiration that I have to get rid of it. Otherwise, I’ll drive myself crazy.”