Posted December 29, 2012 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Video Vixens Suing Tyga For Exposing Their Nipples [Video]


A few weeks ago, Tyga released his “Make It Nasty” video and now that the unedited version is out….. Video vixens Alissa Rae Ross, Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davis are suing the rapper for breach of contract, fraud and invasion of privacy. -___-

First of all the video is titled ‘Make It Nasty’! Not only that, the women in the video was practically nude, exposing their cheeks and vajayjays while making it clap! UMMM HELLO!!! It’s what you signed up for! We are tired of these strippers/ video chicks suing and getting overly sensitive once these videos come out!

Have SEVERAL seats! SMH!!!

Watch the unedited video below: