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Yankee Great Hideki Matsui ‘Godzilla’ Retires

Hideki Matsui hoists up the 2009 World Series MVP Trophy after helping the Yankees win the World Championship.

“Ten years ago, [when he said he was coming to the U.S.], I said I would give it my best,” Matsui said in Japanese during a nearly hour-long press conference. “Today puts a period on that.”

“During this season, I did not think about retirement, but afterwards, I did,” Matsui said. “I didn’t choose [to keep playing in Japan] because I was not confident I would be able to perform like I did when I left 10 years ago.” – nypost

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The 2009 NY Yankees World Series MVP, and longtime Yankee Hideki Matsui AKA “Godzilla” announced his retirement on Thursday at a press conference on the 19th floor of the Kitano Hotel in mid-town Manhattan. Matsui made sure he made his announcement in NY after playing his first seven seasons (in MLB) with the Yankees and winning a chip there. Matsui, 38, actually played 20 seasons of baseball: 10 in Japan and 10 in MLB, and hit a combined 507 homeruns! Check out some highlight videos below!

Matsui was already a huge baseball superstar in Japan, and played a decade for Yomiuri Giants (pic above) before coming over to the Yankees in 2003. As a major leaguer, Matsui hit .282 with 175 homeruns; including short stints with the Oakland Athletics, the LA Angels, and the Tampa Bay Rays. In fact, the Rays cut Matsui on Aug. 1 which led to his quick decision. Check out the Japanese All-Star Game in 1996 on video below; Matsui almost batted against then pitcher current-Yankee Ichiro Suzuki! Suzuki pitched up to 90 mph, but also hit .500 so he later switched to a hitter!

Hideki Matsui “Godzilla” Montage of Yankees-Angels highlights:


2009 World Series MVP Hideki Matsui – NY Yankees Victory Parade:


Yankees Parade and Highlights from Game 6 of the 2009 World Series:


1996 Japanese All-Star Game: Ichiro Suzuki almost pitches (?) to Matsui: