Posted December 25, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Preview: Christmas NBA Games

The Christmas NBA Games kick off right with the Boston Celtics vs. the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays at noon, followed by the NY Knicks vs. the LA Lakers at the Staples Center at 3PM, then the OKC Thunder vs. the Miami Heat at 5:30PM, primetime the Houston Rockets take on the Chicago Bulls at 8PM, and for the finale the Denver Nuggets will take on the LA Clippers at 10:30PM! Rajon Rondo, D-Will, Melo, Kobe, Kevin Durant, King James, Dwyane Wade, Jeremy Lin, CP3, and Blake Griffin will headline the five Christmas NBA Games! A rivalry is beginning between the Celtics and Nets who almost threw down in their last match-up this season! For the Knicks, Amare is still not ready, but Marcus Camby will be back! Most of the games are on ESPN except the Knicks and Heat who will be on ABC! Check out the NBA Christmas storylines and watch 13 Hours straight of NBA action for your Christmas pleasure!