Posted December 24, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Ravens Bottle Up the Giants!

NY Giants fans in Christmas spirit watch their Giants get handled by the Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday evening.

Full NFL Week 16 Scoreboard

The Baltimore Ravens beat up and bottled up the NY Giants, 33-14, on Sunday evening! The Giants, pending a miracle, are almost certainly not making the Playoffs! It is Christmas time, but the Giants, now (8-7) must beat the Eagles, while the Bears, Vikings and Cowboys must all lose in order to earn a wild-card spot in the Playoffs!

Former starting QB Mark Sanchez and back-up QB Tim Tebow watch the game from the sideline on Sunday afternoon.

The NY Jets already squandered their playoffs hopes, and lost their home finale on Sunday afternoon! The Jets utilized a four-QB rotation, and the starting quarterback (in this one) Greg McElroy was sacked 11 times! Sources say that Tebow opted out of action (as a back-up) on Sunday, and most likely will go to the Jacksonville Jaguars next season!