Posted December 19, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Vick Primetime to Join Jets!

Asked of he wanted to stay here (in Philly) as a backup next year, Vick said he didn’t know, would have to discuss that with agent Joel Segal, but he feels “I have a lot of football left in me, a lot left in my tank … the future will take care of itself,” Vick said.

“I’m a competitor, and I’ve always felt like and will continue to feel like I’m one of the best and can play at a high level … I want to be out there, I want to play, but it’s just not the ideal situation right now … I have to accept my role, accept it like a man, continue to find positives out of it.” – philly.com

Eagles’ QB Michael Vick spoke with reporters (on Sunday) for the first time since his (season-ending) concussion on Nov. 11, and has indicated that he would be interested in joining another team next year as a starter! Vick has been fading in Philly, and the Jets are waving ‘Bye, Bye’ to Mark Sanchez, so Vick is the perfect fit!

Vick, 33, will most likely be cut from the Eagles after this season, as they would like to rid themselves of his $15.5 Million he is supposed to make next season after a dismal injury plagued season! He is only guaranteed $3 Million from the Eagles next season! The biggest problem would be the Jets financial situation, as Vick would need to get paid more than Sanchez, and the Jets would take a hit cutting Sanchez! Sanchez is scheduled to make $8.25 million next season, and if they cut him it would be a $12.35 Million cap hit!